In my project I deal with the cultural ethos on which I grew up. A culture that glorifies achievements .The recipe: to excel in school, enlist to IDF combat service, study in University, excel in those studies too, buy a house, have two children and die.

In my eyes, the values ​​underlying the cultural ethos were emptied, decreased and remained content-free decorations, an outer shell. What mostly remains is the same deceptive gap between the inside and outside.

Architect Adolf Loos, wrote in his book “Vacant speech” about the Law of coating: “There is an absolute distinction between the expected coating materials itself. In other words, it is permitted to paint a tree in any color, except one-color, the color of wood.” I wonder if not the contrary? Isn’t the gap created the real crime?

As part of the project I took images from the Moshav archive where I grew up and through coloring the background and separating the characters, I turned them from nostalgic images to colorful posters. Another element in my work is the wallpaper. Essentially, wallpaper is intended to cover (patches, cracks) and to make an impressive sight. The wallpapers consist of elements from the same cultural environment with which I deal (street signs illustrations from the place where I grew up) and has a visual language of Pop art. They too serve as an advertisement for that empty culture. In addition, I chose phrases which express, in my opinion, the ugly inner mentalities which are not reflected in broad daylight and are rarely seen. The phrases were taken from the comments of journalist articles dealing with admission committees from all over the country. The combination between the phrases and the Wallpaper is my attempt to eliminate the gap in question between inside and outside.