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I tried to push the boundaries of my immediate circle and go out into the public space, into my residential environment. My family isn't special but they are a symbol of the theory I started forming about the culture which I grew up on.


In the same year I moved apartments in Jerusalem, from the neighborhood Nachlaot to Kiryat Menachem neighborhood. Kiryat Menachem is undoubtedly the mirror image of Ramot- Hashavim, the place where I grew up. Kiryat Menachem is considered a slum. There I started working as a coordinator of a group called Sahi (unique grace patrol). As part of my role I was in charge of a youth at-risk group, and together we distribute boxes of food to needy families in the neighborhood. Through the group I became close with the families in the neighborhood and got to know a different culture than the one I grew up on. A culture which says, if not shouts everything in your face: the bad, the good, the beautiful and the ugly. Hearing from my windows the neighbor cheating on his wife or the other neighbor screaming was intriguing to me and obviously the opposite of what I knew as a child. I come from a place where whatever is wrong is kept within, and what you can show and share is only excellence.


In this project I took pictures of my home town Ramot- Hashavim. After a while I started to cut the pictures and reassemble them in new ways. I tried to create collages which symbolize for me the façade and the outer shell.

In my photographs I concentrated on the front of the houses which play a double role. On one hand, conveying a very private and close feeling, while on the other hand screaming for attention. Not one of the houses looks like the other- pink and old, yellow American feeling, white and modern. As if everyone is trying to show off and be seen while staying private.

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