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Inbar Rothschild

Born 1989, Israel.

Working in Bat-YAm, Living in Jaffa.  



2011 – 2015   Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, BFA with honor, Photography.

2013 – 2015   Art Teacher program, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.



2018     "Beyond consciousness", Cukoo's nest, Tel aviv, Israel, Curator: Assaf materasso. 

2017     “Urban Portrait TLV”, Artist wall, Tami house, Tel aviv, Israel, Curator: Blumensohn Carmit.

2016    "Head and Tails", Binyamin Gallery, Tel aviv, Israel, Curators: Sarit Achtenberg and Shlomit Liver.

2016    "Home", Arc Gallery, Chicago. United states.

2016    "Urban Portrait", 2016 Bat- Yam festival for theater and street art, Bat Yam, Israel.

2016    Artist residency projects exposure evening, Bat yam, Israel.

2015   "Bread and Roses10", Group Exhibition, Art sale for the benefit of the Women and Work project, Shenkar gallery, Tel aviv, Israel.

2015   "Facade" in "Hamercazit" gallery, central Station, Tel aviv, Israel, Curator: Furman Doron.

2015   "Photo-art "', Port gallery, Jaffa, Tel aviv, Israel,Curators: Merhav Dalit, Margolis Limor.

2015   Graduation Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator: Guez Dor, Segal Noam.

2014   The Corcoran project exhibition, Corcoran gallery of art, Washington DC, USA.

2014   The Corcoran project exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, Curator: Sagorsky Gustavo.



Awards and Scholarships

2016-2017   Artist residency, "Fest'factory", Bat yam, Israel.

2016 B.F.A excellence award in the photography department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jeruzalem, Israel.

2014   Excellence prize in the photography department.

2014   "Deane and Paul Shatz International Exchange Program scholarship", Corcoran collage of art, Washington DC.



2014   "Bezalel – Corcoran International Exchange Program", Jerusalem \ Washington DC.



2016    "signature", issue number 15, Harama magazin.

2016    "Urban Portrait", Tel-Aviv radio station.

2016    "One exhibition a day", Hayom Shehaya, Channel 10, minute 25.

2016    "Between art and community- The special connection of Bat-Yam", Ynet news.

2016    "Theatre and Street Art- Bat Yam Festival 2016", city mouse.

2016    "What are you doing this summer? Bat-Yam festival is back", Ynet news.

2016    "Meet the artists appearing at the festival in Bat Yam", city mouse.

2016    "You're not born a woman, the woman becomes" a book of Female poetry and photography edited by the poet Ricky Cohen.

2015    "Broad band" magazine, issue number 7.

2016    "Designer" magazine- august 2015.





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